Week in the Life of the Fergie’s

You know that feeling of wanting to do something and you don’t! That regret can eat away at you. And then there is the feeling of doing the thing that you want to do for you, just you! Not the kids, partner, family or friends just you! That feeing is a golden one! I don’t get that feeling enough at the moment. So when I decided to bite the bullet and do Ali Edwards week in the life I felt so excited I thought yep I can do it, I’ll just pull out a few bits from my stash and do it! And then I decided no if hubby can take a day off work to play in a golf comp and spend $$ on travel, a few drinks at the 19th then I’m going to get the kit! (find out more about WITL from Ali here http://aliedwards.com/2014/10/week-in-the-life-2014-getting-ready )

I ordered the kit on the Monday of the first week in the life day approx 2 hrs after I decided I was doing this fun project (Find the kit here http://aliedwards.com/preorder/week-in-the-life ). I didn’t have any pre thought out plans I just was going to do what we do best (just us and our everyday) and see how we go.

On Monday the weather was really shitty, I mean really bad heaps of thunder and lighting Stu had lightening strike a pole right next to his car so the morning was a hecticw start we got sorted I dropped the girls at kinder and school whist getting drenched reminded them not to play under trees then miss W and I headed home for some housework and pony play.

After kinder we headed to Martines for some work chats and the girls played. Then we picked up Z and headed to swimming. Z had a swim test which she was excited about. I cooked a new recipe for dinner which was tasty but looked average when cooked.

I then spent the night battling W and trying to get some work done. Whilst printing pics for Zs album i wrote out our comings and going of Monday on some free printable i found on Ali’s page.

Monday pics

Total photos from Monday = 64

On Tuesday Hubs takes Z to school so I get a little longer to get sorted for Miss W’s swimming lessons, after swimming we headed home for a shower/play/lunch/housework until i had to drag the girls out to a client meeting for a Event we are styling next week.

After the meeting my car was loaded up with bonbonniere and other bits they wanted us to use.  thankfully the weather warmed up a little and we could have a bit of a play on the school playground before pick up, then it was the mad rush from school over to gymnastics and trying to get Z into her lesson before it actually starts, the girls all eat a snack in the car on the way and Z gets changed in the car so I don’t have to get the little girls out. The little girls and I head to Martiens to fold all 200 of halloween letters and letterbox drop them around her streets ready for Friday night.  The girls are all exhausted as are we!

Stu and Z beat us home so he makes a start on dinner.

Once the girlies are in bed Stu and I watch a recorded Homeland ep and have a cuppa.  We go to bed about 10pm to the sweet smelling

Tuesday WITL

Total photos from Tuesday = 32

Wednesday is another full on day, we all have to be out of the house for the house day by 8am in order to get to kinder on time, mornings are tough for W as she is such a little night owl! and of course when it is a super busy day we always leave late and / or the traffic is bad so sods law today it was a combination of both! after dropping big girls at kinder and school i meet my cousin over at the local shopping centre to catch up and have a snuggle with her bubba and attempt to get some christmas shopping done. Unfortunately I hardly got any done but I have a few more ideas of things now.

W and I raced from the shops back to kinder to pick up H then went to meet Aunty Carly and our brand new cousin for a coffee, the 2hrs between kinder and school is hardly ever enough time to go home so we tend to just hang around and with get groceries go to the park or visit a friend.

We leave to pick up Z from school then head home (it’s the one night this week we can just go home after school!) while the girls play I take 5 to just sit and breath, the girls are all playing nicely so i pop dinner on and head out to water my veggie patch. I found a sneaky little catapillar so I called the girls to see . . . we now have a pet catapillar!

Stu gets in at 6:25 the girls set the table and we watch quiche and salad made up of lettuce and rocket from the garden.

Just before 8 Stu takes Max for a walk while I sort girls for bed.  I really struggle with the bed time routine i hardly ever have them in bed before bed time which is meant to be 7:30! At 9 H  comes out and asks to get earrings daddy says no! we now have a very upset little girl . . . thank good we don’t have a early start tomorrow!

Wednesday WITL

Total photos from Wednesday = 56

Sods law on Thursday I woke super early (5:45)! While scrolling Fb and blogs I found a new PL kit (playful) which I MUST have! I also stumbled across the creative team submission call and i thought why not so I plan in my head which layouts I’ll photograph and begin to write out my submission.

At 6:55 I finally drag myself out of bed and make teas and put Max out, Z wakes up while i vac up the laundry of the fur. at 7:33 I see an email from Ali Edwards that my WITL kit is on it’s way (Whoop Whoop)

Stu and Z leave for work and School at 8:23 the little girls and I tidy up the breakfast they head to the toy room to play while I photograph my very fave layouts. just before lunch I get a delivery of lolly’s for a buffet the following week (must not eat them all). The girls and I have lunch and finally get dressed at about 12.  Stu comes home to work the rest of the afternoon from home, the girls and I head out for another client meeting for a fundraising styling event thankfully it’s a friend and the kids play nice together. Stu is heading down to mum and dad’s for the night as he has a golf comp on Friday so the girls gave him giant cuddles goodbye.

After our meeting we rush to school, the long way from Sonia’s because the workers at Dan and Carly’s blew a gas main and Mascoma Street was blocked (thanked Carlz called me to tell me)

Z’s second gymnastics class of the week is the one that we stay at so for an hour and a half the little girls and I run to the bank to pop money in to purchase product for a client then we jump between watching Z and going out to the park. After Gymnastics I treat the girls to Macca’s as i have nothing left to cook, I read lots of books and have them in bed an almost asleep by 8!! (winning) seeing as Stu is away i watch trashy TV and do some ironing.

Thursday WITL


Total photos from Thursday = 76

Friday was a crazy run around kinda day, after dropping the girls off (on time!!) W and I head to the shops to get the last minute bits and pieces for our Halloween night, we are home by 11 and pull off the clothes from the line and sort socks together. We have lunch of chicken loaf sandwiches and and W requests we read the very cranky bear ( a fave). I quickly vac the car and grab the halloween bags and ballet bag and leave to pick up H from kinder.  It’s a stinking hot day so W is getting a bit cranky (she prefers winter) at kinder it is story time so we listen to Puff the magic dragon together. at 1;30 we leave kinder but instead of going straight to ballet we grab a quick slurpee / milkshake and head to kinder.  I have  H’s best friend with me while Martine takes W.  We sit and catch up while the girls dance and twirl.  Ballet finishes at 2:50 so we head to school and get Z then head to Martines to get ready for trick or treating.

The girls all have a blast trick or treating Z’s friend H came alone too as she is having a sleep over tonight. after a BBQ dinner the girls are finally tired at 7:30 and want to go home. By 8:45 we are home and showered and i send the girls all to bed . . . 9;45 Z and HL still reading so i switch off the lights . . . 10:30 Z and HL are still chatting and giggling 11:05 all is quite!!!  thanks god they finally fell asleep they have little aths in the morning god help me! Stu and I decide that just I will go to little aths and he will drop the little girls off to me about 11

1:56 HL comes in to ask me to sleep with them!

Friday WITL


Total photos from Friday = 88


Saturday the big big girls woke up at 6:29 OMG they are going to be stuff at little aths! thankfully at 7:18 i get a msg to say it has been rained out!! HL requests pancakes for breakfast – easy done! while the girls play i pack for a long weekend at mum and dads at 12:30 after feeding all 4 girls i take HL  home (HL as her name is the same as my H) HL and Z cry and refuse to let go of each other! for crying outloud no more sleep overs then i told them!

2;26 arrive at Geelong westfield to meet Mum, nanny buys the girls some new shoes (cause they are just so pretty she said) 3:44 Z goes with Nanny and I have the little girls and we leave the shops for nanny’s house.  Being at nan and pop’s is relaxing we laze around the weather is average so we only play outside for a little bit. Poppy comes home and we eat dinner. Girls make nanny and poppy have a hat parade – giggles all round 🙂

8:59 as i tuck the girls in i spy spiders so poppy sprays them all, girls are a bit freaked out but finally fell asleep.

Saturday WITL

Total photos from Saturday = 81

Sunday I wake up to miss W hogging all the bed! Stu isn’t down yet so she slept with me.  the morning is sunny so we play out side and soak up the sun after breakfast.  Daddy and Max arrive just after lunch and  we decide to head over to St Leonards to the art show to see Uncle Wes’ photos in the show. We meet them at the park to say hi and have some fun but its was so cold with the wind blowing straight off the bay that we had to head back to nanny and poppy’s.  Poppy fancied Pizza for dinner so we had a lazy night of pizza in front of the tv.

Total photos from Sunday = 93

I loved this week, I was really into taking photos and making the notes. I’m really looking forward to my kit arriving and pulling this all together!

Till next time


K x


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