Partying with Becky, David and PLA

Way back in April (man that feels like forever ago!) I took a day trip up to Sydney to attend the Project Life Party hosted by Craft House NZ.  I was really nervous and excited all in one go, I was going all on my own, I knew not one single person but I really wanted to do something just for me.

I’ve never been to a crop before so I had no idea what to expect, in the lead up to the party Renee Finlayson had organised a group of us to each make a card for Becky to place in a 6×8 album to express our gratitude, and another lady suggested we make little swap cards for each other so making those brought my excitement levels up.

my swap cards the swap cards I made

I had managed to find a place in a maxi cab with a lovely group of ladies from QLD to travel from the airport to the venue so at least by the time we arrived I knew some faces. They were lots of fun and it was so nice to be with people who share my love for this “hobby” From Memory we have (not in order) Anne-Marie, Carolyn, Beth, Amanda, Betty, Berni, Marissa and Kristina (forgive me for not remembering all the names) I had met Betty and Caroln at the Spotlight meet and greet and have since met them at a DD day (blog post coming soon)

Heading to the venue


when we arrived we where greeted with such a festive atmosphere the whole room looked great, each table was named after a core kit and at each place setting we were gifted with a never been seen before kit, the Aqua Kit. the Excitement in the air was FAB!

Gifts all for us!


Michelle Stokes had put together a wonderful lolly buffet and photo both area along with Carol from memory! these ladies are just too good!

ummm get in my belly

The day kicked off with David from Craft House NZ making a quick intro then the lady of the day was here tell us how Project Life come about right down to logo design,  Becky is so very real, she shares with her whole heart and has a genuine interest in the customer and our story also.


I was lucky enough to have another quick chat with Becky and a photo op (darn hey)


After lunch, which included quite possibly the best cookies I have EVER eaten, Petra Corcoran graced the stage, Petra is one of my all time fave PLer she has inspired me numerous times with her gorgeous pages.

there was so much scrapping going on, I was a little overwhelmed as to how i should adapt my PLing style to work for me not being at home, I managed a few pages of journalling but I really enjoyed jumping from table to table and having a flick through all the AH-MAZE-ING albums! Oh my god there was so gorgeous pages so much talent in one space!


When I got home later that some day I popped all my swap cards in a design F protector and began planning my spread for the day using a design G the next day I printed all my photos that I wanted to include and called it good.

I had such  Great day, and am so glad i leaped out of my comfort zone! I meet some ladies I have admired for years on FB and blogs and got so very inspired I loved every second of it!




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