Our 2014 Cover Page

Over the years I have used the core kits first and last pages as they are recommended with a photo thrown in for the first time last year (2013).

Here is the covers I’ve done for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

2010 2011

2012 2013

When I first started I was a Photo a Day just get it done, nothing fancy, just our photos and stories, and as boring as they may be, they are important to our story.

This year I really stepped up my game in the cover page stakes!  I took about 120 shots trying to get the perfect shot of the 3 girls, then I had to wait 10 . . .  ok more like 3 weeks cause I couldn’t get to the shop for the enlargement!

I’m rapt with how the cover turned out, it’s completely my style!


I took inspiration from a random pin I saw, but I never actually pinned the image so I can’t give credit to the person who I took the inspiration from.  The Hello 2014 card is a Caylee Gray freebie, the girls in the door way was my way of welcoming our new home into our story, we moved in June of ’13 but after the summer holidays it really started to feel like home as we finally managed some quality time in our new house.

Til next time


K xx




One thought on “Our 2014 Cover Page

  1. I love your 2014 cover, and your 2013 one too. My album first pages look very similar to yours for the same years! It is only 2013 that I ventured away from what was “designed” for the front page. Great job.


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