Going back and getting it done

I always get that mummy guilt that I’m sure we all get about not having our children’s memories documented. Well while my husband was recently away with work for a work I decided me and the girls could eat at the breakfast bench and I could take over the dining table.
I started off with a plan to start in 2008 the year she was to turn one in the march her birth year seemed way to daunting as she had been a preemie and had spent a few weeks in hospital I want to make sure i get that year perfect. Plus I already had heaps of those photos chucked in willy nilly and it confused me!
Once I knew where my starting point was I went through the 100’s of photos that we have (in numerous locations mind you) as I was searching old CD discs I uploaded the photos from the disc to the Mac iPhoto as I know I want to put all my photos in an external hard drive it made sense to do it as i was looking through them all.
I found photos and saved them into folders labeled with the months for 2008. I only want to do a double spread per month with inserts only when need (e.g. first birth, trips we took, christ etc) so because I was “limiting” myself to between 8 – 12 photos I was ruthless, I don’t need 5 photos of Z looking cute in her new dress or 3 photos of her with ice cream all over her face for the first time.

From disc to album
As I found the photos i was using a PL template and marking out the layout of my page once I was happy with how i wanted it, how many photos etc I edited any photos I needed (please not that i have no photoshop knowledge, I simply edit the photos I require to be 3×4 or add a text overlay etc), finding the photos that I wanted to use to tell the story of her life so far was the most time consuming part of this little project.

Selecting photos

As I selected and edited the photos that I wanted for the I was working on I printed the months photos on my picturemate and slipped them into the page protectors, ready to journal at night when the girls were in bed after long days at school and kinder.  I set myself up in front of the TV to do my journalling, the photos generally kick started my memory as to the story behind the photo, I love that I can include journalling even though the event has passed.

Adding journalling and selecting cards

For 2007 and 2008 of Z’s albums my plan is to use the baby for her kit with a mix of the baby kit.  I want to step outside comfort zone and use different pocket designs, (though now that I’ve completed 2008 I noticed i still used a majority of design A)

I also added a whole bunch of QR codes through the pages I completed, to do this I simply added the video to you tube, with a  “unlisted’ setting, I then copied the URL code and pasted it into the QR generator (I use the http://www.qrstuff.com page as I find it super easy). Z loved looking through the album and watching the videos when she got home for school.

Z looking at her baby videos using QR codes

Some of my have spreads from what I completed:

DSC_0186 DSC_0185 DSC_0184 Cover page of 2008 DSC_0183 (sorry the photos are a little dark)

You can see in the april spread that there is 1 4×6 and 2 3×4 slots that are empty, I’m going to fill them in with a cut up 6×8 image.  I have several photos that I’m waiting for enlargements so when they are ready I’ll add them in.

I loved doing this project I had so much fun, I lost steam towards the end of the week cause I ran out ink for my picturemate and it all seemed to hard again! But I got all of 2008 into the album and that excites me.  I’ve already made a start on her 2009 photos and have in the album up until April 2009 but narrowing down photos from that month is tricky as it was the month we go married!

Until next time

K xx



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