Meeting Becky Higgins

Today I had the opportunity to go to spotlight for a meet and greet with Becky Higgins, the little girls had gymnastics so I thought seeing as I was “in the area” rather then go home for 2 hours I’d see if I could get the chance to say “hi” .  We were rather early even after we ate lunch in the car and in hindsight I should have gone to the park for even half an hour first but hey you live and learn!

I took the girls albums (even in their dis array state) and the house mini album she featured last year on her blog, H had written a little card for Becky (she is all about letters at the moment!) so I thought even if I don’t get a chance to show her what we have at least saying hi would be pretty darn cool! 

I meet some gorgeous ladies while waiting for Becky to arrive, it was so great to chat to people who share the some hobby as it’s not something anyone else I know is interested / has time for . . . pfft I know right! 

When it was my turn one of the ladies offered to take pictures for me (I so wish I had taken my DSL as the samsung really takes a horrid photo in my opinion).  Becky loved the card Harper wrote for her and asked if she could take a snap to share on social media (of course!!) and I got to show her the mini album which she loved and remembered from when it was featured.

So hear are the photos I have and the one Becky took of Miss H. 


Becky reading the card from HImage

Showing off the mini album to the crowd of ladiesImage 

Group shot (yes Miss W fell asleep in all the excitement!)


Becky’s feature on Instagram – Def popping this in the albums!

One of the nicest people I’ve ever meet.

Next week I’m off to the Project Life Party in Sydney . . . (note to self pack DSL!)

Til next time

Kelly 🙂


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