Our 2014 story so far . . .

So remember how I said I would blog post weekly well, bhahahaha that didn’t happen in January buuut I would like to do so in February and beyond. The school holiday’s don’t tend to allow me to sit and have unlimited me time which is what I need to get my projects done so now that school has gone back and I have our Miss 4 in Kinder for 15hrs a week i have more time to play with Miss 2 and have some crafty time while she draws on a ream of paper a day next to me.

So I go super lucky and received a Epson Picturemate from my lovely husband for christmas and when i get a free moment I’ve been working that little bad boy to bits! I have already gone through 4 packs of ink/paper  . . . saying that one would assume i have this year to date in my PL album, ahhhh nope you’d be wrong there on all accounts!

I have managed the first 3 weeks, and been printing lots of photos for our girls albums I’m so determined to get all of 2013 of all three of their albums in by the end of March but it may be a losing battle as March 31 inches closer and closer!.

So here is where I’m at as of today . . .

Week One Week One

Week Two Week Two

Week Three Week Three

I’m happy with how they have turned out! I can’t wait to do the next few weeks. . . when i have a moment (hahah life as a mum hey!)

In other  “Super Fun” news I’m off to Sydney in a few weeks to meet Becky and Loads of other lovely and talented ladies from the PL Australia Group at the Project Life Party!!

Have a awesome week!!

K x


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