My Project Life Goals . . .

So i have thought a little . . . OK a lot about what i want my goals to be for PL this year and they are huge. I want to not only stay up to date with this years album but I also want to catch up on 2013, fill in blanks from 2012 (where oh where is those photos that I know i took!!!), update my girls albums . . . ok who am I kidding basically I need to start the albums and i want to get our wedding into a album. thats not impossible i know because how darn simple this system is but i really need to work on a balance of life and recording life.

So first up I plan to jot down stories, quotes etc that is happening right now I have only just purchased my kit for 2014, I like to stick with one kits through out the year but with so much prettiness I may mix it up, oh the beauty of being able to do is makes my heart sing.

Last year i got sooooo far behind, I had this grand plan of staying up to date by fitting in a PL night each month but come June we moved into our new house an then school runs got that little bit longer, as did the kinder, swimming and gymnastics run (yes my girls do way too many activities but they love them and thats what counts!!) So before I knew it I 4 months behind and S.T.R.U.G.G.L.I.N.G to keep up. I managed to begin the process of sorting through my photos and putting sticky notes in my album but that  was then falling behind too. So to date i only have up to week 20 (may 19) in my album but thats ok because I know I have my photos and I have reasonable memory / calendar entries to jog memory that when i have 5 mins i can sit and do a bit here and there.

This year I have a goal that each monday night I will go through the previous weeks photos and edit them (add text make them into 3×4 where required etc) and then print them on my super dooper christmas present, a picturemate, if only I can managed to work out how to get the computer to recognise the printer. I will leave the journalling until Tuesday nights as I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself in one night, and if for some reason I don’t get it done on a Monday well then there are 6 other days in the week.  Come the weekends I will share my layout here and fingers crossed be ready for  the next PL session.

As for my other goals for albums this year, our wedding album I ultimately want that done before the start of April as my inlaws (husbands parents and brother, wife and kids) are all visiting in April for our 5th wedding anniversary and little do they know we are planning a renewal ceremony as my brother inlaw and his family couldn’t make the trip from England for our wedding in 2009 due to illness. possibly a pipe dream to have the album complete but hey i can try, my plan for this is to work on it for a hour each Thursday night while Stu is at cricket training.  And my girls albums i have set aside a hour on the day they were born each month (12th, 18th and 23rd of each month) to work on their albums, it may be something as boring as searching for photos but it is all progress.

Next time i promise to have a photo of where I’m at!

Kelly 🙂


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