Currently #3


Reading – “The Last days of Night” Graham Moore (I’ve just started this one, it was a blind date book)
Listening to – Adele 25
Watching – This is Us (still)
Wearing – Chambray Shirt and black shorts
Craving – Popcorn (heading to the movies with my big girl in an hr)
Eating – Nothing at the moment
Drinking – Water
Dreaming of – The school holidays
Working on – Performance and Development Goals for work
Studying – OHS (still)
Hoping to – Get s**t done this weekend!
Planning – Some fun things to do with the girls on the school holidays
Grateful For
 – The weekend

Til next time

K x

Currently #2

The best laid plans hey . . .

Reading – “White Bones” Graham Masterton
Listening to – Adele 25
Watching – This is Us (still)
Wearing – Navy Shirt and Denim cut offs
Craving – Sleep
Eating – Super fresh bread to tie me over until an early dinner of BBQ Chicken
Drinking – Water
Dreaming of – Sleep
Working on – Week in the Life 2016 and my Performance and Development Goals for work
Studying – OHS (Still)
Hoping to – Have a smooth week ahead so I can get some Memory keeping done!
Planning – To get the girls in bed earliest tonight
Grateful For
 – All the love I got on my birthday yesterday.

Til next time

K x

Sports Memorabilia

Hands up who has kids who are busy with sport each week!  I have both hands up as our girls keep me busying taking them to weekly sports both after school and on the weekends I’m lucky that all three of the girls are happy to partake in the same sports though the big girls are starting to venture out and want to try new sports which is totally cool because I love that they enjoy getting out and learn / have fun and compete in sports.

Our main two sports are gymnastics and athletics, while gymnastics doesn’t have any regular certificates / ribbons / etc every now and then our eldest competes and has received ribbons, those ribbons get popped into a 3×8 page protector with a card to seperate the two ribbons which Z or I record the apparatus the ribbons where from, I get these from Ali Edwards Shop, you can find the ones I’ve used here.

During the summer months we go to weekly competitions at our local athletics track, each week the athletes all get little tickets recording what their times / distances were for their events for the week.

During the 6 month season I collect these tickets and at the end of the season (which happens to be today) I go through all of the tickets pulling out ONLY the personal best tickets, as the girls go up in age groups they have more events then when they first started so this can be a tedious process but I don’t put any pressure on myself, if we don’t have a ticket for an event then its really not the end of the world.

No one needs to all of these!!

These tickets then get slide into a design F pocket page protector long with their competition tag, which I cut down to size.

As the little girls do less events during the season then Zahlia I trim the page protector down to suit how many tickets they have.  I don’t pop them all in consecutively as I like to add in photos / QR codes for videos are little notes.

You can find Design F Pocket Pages over at Becky’s store.

Unfortunately I don’t actually have much in the way of photos from this season as I was the marshall for the U6 girls group so I missed several events each day from the big girls.  But I will endeavour to get a few happy snaps from presentation day to fill in the gaps for Zahlia and Harper.  Also on presentation day the club generally have a photo of each athlete competing that they share with the parents.
These pages then get slipped into the girls albums in-between their March pages to signify the end of the season.

Z especially likes to look back on the previous seasons results to see how much she has improved in the 12 months. I love that I can track their growth in such a fun way.

Do you use Project Life to document sporting achievements, seasons and comps? I’d love to see how you do this.

Til next time


Currently #1

One of the things I like about blogs is that you can use it as a journal of sorts, so each week I’ll attempt to journal all the things current in my world.  Blogging about these will allow me to recall details that I can use in my albums.

Reading – Truely Madly Guilty – Liane Moraity
Listening to – Florence and the Machine
Watching – This is Us (how good is this show!) and Planet Earth 2
Wearing – Spotted navy shorts and white t-shirt
Craving – Fried Rice
Eating – An Apple
Drinking – Water . . . but need a Coffee
Dreaming of – The weekend
Working on – 2017 PL and Read mini
Studying – OHS and ASD
Hoping to – Find outfits for the upcoming wedding
Planning – To get the girls wardrobe sorted
Grateful For
– the call I just had say swimming is off tonight due to ill swim teacher.

Til next time

K x

Project Life 2017 – weeks 4-8

You read that right we are already up to week eight of 2017! How on earth did that happen. Where is the time going!

The end of February is fast approaching, March is always a busy month for us with birthdays and the school holidays which means loads of memories to document.

I’m pretty excited to share with you all today weeks 4 through 8 of our family album for 2017.

Week 4 of 52

I have left this card blank as I need Stu to journal about his night at the tennis . . . he will happily do this but I just need to get around to asking him at the right time, which is not now as he is away for work.

This card was a Friday Freebie over at Give a Girl a Blog, grab yourself a copy here.

I’m including Stu’s pass into the tennis in this week because it completes the story and its super fun!

Week 5 of 52

Week 6 of 52

Week 7 of 52

Documenting my hobbies is one of my constants in my memory keeping, lately this is what it looks like . . .lots of reading material, both new and borrowed.

Week 8 of 52

Two of my fave elements to this weeks spread, Harper (7) journaled about her excitement at getting gymnast of the week and I cut down and added some paint splatter to my week 8 card.

Whats your memory keeping routine, do you block out some time each week or simply do what you can when you can? I’m do a little of both, some weeks I can’t get it together and it all gets forgotten about and then there are weeks when I feel on top of the world and I achieve loads.  Either way I’m getting these stories of our into our books.

Til next time

K x

Project Life 2016 – June

I’m SUPER determined to get all of our 2016 album shared with you guys  . . .I’m also determined to declutter our house, set up a homework station, read 4 books and lose 5kg but one step at a time shall we!

Looking back we did heaps in June that I hope the girls remember in years to come!

Week 23 (May 30 – Jun 5) . . .


This was the first week of winter here and up until the start of winter it had been pretty chilly and the house was not warming up with the current heart, after some looking into it turned out the heater that was in the house was actually not working at capacity so the landlord agreed to replacing it thankfully.

We also said goodbye to Harper’s teacher who was finishing up to have her much awaited bub.

Week 24 (Jun 6 -12) . . .
This week was a huge study week for me, I’d been pushing myself with the goal to start my placement hours at the start of next term, meaning I only had about 4 weeks to complete 3 modules and line up a placement school.

Week 25 (Jun 13 – 19) . . .

This week was a pretty stock standard week with the exception that we had a family party on the weekend and I went to the football with my partner in crime and craft!

Week 26 (Jun 20 – 26) . . .

The season finale of Game of Thrones was the perfect start to the last week of term for the girls . . .I love the school holidays sow e can spread some time just hanging out and doing things we love.

On the weekend we surprised the girls with a trip to wild nights at the Werribee Zoo (a safari zoo), such a fun experience seeing the see after dark, we all loved it!

Week 27 (Jun 27 – Jul 3) . . .

School holidays and boy the weather was perfect we had a day out at the Melbourne Zoo as members we don’t often stay the whole day but we were all having so much fun that we couldn’t resist.

Zahlia made up her own board game that we all spent hours playing during the 2 weeks break.

On the weekend Australia voted in yet ANOTHER Prime Minister and I headed out to a baby shower for my gorgeous friend.

Tomorrow I’ll share July, til then

K xx

Around here lately . . .

One of my fave things is little glimpses into the lives of everyday people. How does everyone live, what foods do they like, what are they reading/watching/etc and I know you’ll like to see into the lives of others even if you don’t want to admit it, its human nature to be curious about the lives of others, sometime it makes us feel better about ourselves and sometimes it makes us feel like crap (which it totally shouldn’t by the way!) Take the Karsahians people love to watch them just live their lives, I like to watch stuff like that to make myself grateful for all that I have even though its minimal compares to the K’s simply because for me what I have is enough, I don’t need all the crazy that goes along with all that they have! So what the heck am I getting at your probably thinking! Well here is a little glimpse of life for us at the moment!

The girls are all well and truely settled in at school, homework is a plenty as are the dirty lunch boxes at the end of the day!

Work is a challenge but I feel like I’m settled in to the new role as best as I can, Hubs has hit the ground running with several work trips planned or already completed!

The cat and dog seem to be getting used to each other finally, though I still don’t trust them to be alone together.

I am surrounded by ironing, why why do they have to wear everything every damn day!

Our Project Life album is coming along, I feel like I need to get into my groove again but its still only early days.

I’m currently loving my read project . . . I’ve almost finished book 8.

I’m obsessed with the new TV series “This is Us” and “Big Little Lies” in fact This is Us is on tonight #winning

My craft desk is being over run with stuff . . .

I’ve just baked a batch of muffins for the girls lunch boxes and will do another batch tonight as Miss 9 prefers the blueberry ones to the choc chip.

The sun is shining and thats happy days as far as I’m concerned!

I best run and get the girls and pay for the special lunch and snow cones days they have coming up!

Catch ya later